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Meet Robbie Hull

A Story From Our Community

Robbie is the 29-year-old de facto Deputy Chief/Mayor of Smiths Falls, Ont.

Born on October 17, 1991, Robbie was born breech and very lethargic, earning him a 19 day stay in the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario until he was feeding enough from a bottle (with a little help) that mom and dad were able to bring him home.

Believe it or not it was shortly after the birth of his sister in April of 1995 that he was diagnosed with PWS.

Robbie had a normal childhood attending regular class, and with the help of some wonderful Educational Assistants, made the journey through the school system working and studying many subjects until the age of 21.

Robbie has continued his education working on many different skills that are important to him through the Adult Alternative Learning Centre here in Smith Falls.

Robbie volunteers at the local Salvation Army Sally Ann store, as well as the Canadian Tire store in the Sports department, where he is well known to everyone and can help a customer find any item in the store. You can also see Robbie regularly as a Co-Host interviewing local celebrities on Cogeco’s Your TV in Smiths Falls. Throughout May, PWS Awareness Month, Robbie has been helping to spread PWS awareness, by interviewing people within the PWS community.

Robbie was introduced to Shadow Lake Camp about 12 years ago, and what began as a one-week experiment has turn into a six-week summer adventure where Robbie has become more like a councilor than a camper.

Robbie loves his Ottawa Senators, walking and singing with his Bluetooth in his nap sac, bowling, swimming, bocce ball, walking his dog, and socializing with anyone and everyone. If you live in Smiths Falls and don’t know Robbie, then you must be living under a rock. He is a kind and gentle soul loved by everyone who knows him.


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