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Residential Options for Ontarians with PWS


Journey to Belonging is Ontario’s vision for developmental services where people with developmental disabilities fully belong in their communities and are supported to live the lives they choose.


We are working on ways to address the unique needs of the PWS population and to proactively plan for future success.


We believe that innovations and learnings from past and current housing initiatives, best practices from PWS residential settings and service providers in Ontario and other jurisdictions, and proactive service provider and community engagement, education and planning can be applied to create positive, successful community-based solutions for our adults with PWS.


We are Stronger Together!


Activating, Engaging and Leading: A Collaborative Path to Housing for People with PWS – November 30, 2022 OPWSA Conference Presentation

Supportive Housing for People with PWS: Residential Options Working Group Report - October 20, 2018 OPWSA Conference Presentation

We welcome your input and involvement. Please contact Cathy Mallove, Chair, OPWSA Residential Options Family Support Network,, 416-822-5169 to join our Residential Options Family Support Network mailing list and to share…

  • Your ideas or suggestions on ways OPWSA can support you related to housing

  • How you’d like to be involved and help our efforts, such as reaching out to local service providers in your area, supporting political advocacy, participating in future engagement workshops, fundraising, arranging get-togethers for our adult children…all and any ideas welcomed! 

  • Suggested resources and contacts for this web page



What Can Parents Do? Activate!


Get Informed and Stay Connected


There are many organizations and resources to learn from:



Develop Your Vision and Plan

  • Join a DSO or P4P Housing Workshop / Webinar

  • Start having the conversation with your family member with PWS

  • Develop your vision and Person Directed Plan

  • Build a support circle (with help from an Independent Facilitator)


Plan and Prepare


Build Your Network – We are Stronger Together


Some Helpful Links and Resources


Energize and Advocate

  • Introduce yourself to your local DSO housing navigators

  • Identify agencies/service providers in your area for OPWSA introduction

  • Identify potential like-minded families to partner with

  • Identify potential housing opportunities – developers, homes, apartments

  • Join the OPWSA Residential Options Working Group! Contact Cathy Mallove at or 416-822-5169

Data From the Global PWS Registry

The purpose of the Global PWS Registry is to develop a comprehensive database of individuals with PWS to better understand the full spectrum of PWS characteristics, to expedite the completion of clinical trials, and to determine areas of needed research and treatments to improve the lives of those affected by PWS.

Below is an infographic on data from the Global PWS Registry exploring where individuals with PWS are living, as well as family satisfaction with the current living situation.

Path to Housing

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