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Join OPWSA for PWS Awareness Month!


Throughout May, PWS Awareness Month, OPWSA will be running our PWS Awareness campaign on our Facebook Page and Instagram. Check out what we'll be doing throughout the month and see how you can get involved!


Each day we will be sharing a "Did You Know" fact about PWS. While we know that the facts we'll be sharing are well known to the members of our community, we are sharing these facts so that you can in turn share them amongst your own networks and communities to help spread PWS Awareness, and educate others on the challenges that individuals with PWS face.

While these posts have been created for PWS Awareness Month, we hope that you can utilize them year round as needed. We often hear from families and caregivers that extended family or friends don't truly understand PWS, so these small pieces of information may help paint a clearer picture of what living with PWS is like.


We will also be running the PWS Everyday Challenge which encourages individuals with PWS and their supporters to get involved in a variety of daily activities such as walking 2km, completing puzzles, other physical and mindfulness activities, as well as arts and crafts. Follow along with our PWS Everyday Challenge with the calendar of activities. We encourage those participating in the challenge to share your journey with us and be sure to include the hashtag #PWSEveryday on your photos and posts. Our PWS Everyday Challenge will culminate with a virtual dance party on Friday, May 26th, PWS Awareness Day, at 4:00pm EDTRegister now for the dance party!


Throughout the month, we'll also post some stories of members in our community sharing their experiences with PWS.

Follow along on our Facebook and Instagram pages and share your own journey. #PWSEveryday

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