PWS Awareness Month - May 2020


Throughout May, OPWSA ran our PWS Awareness campaign on our Facebook Page and Instagram where each day we are sharing a fact about PWS, as well as a PWS Everyday Challenge. The challenges encouraged individuals with PWS and their families to get involved in a variety of activities such as walking 2km, completing puzzles, other physical and mindfulness activities, arts and crafts, and sharing recipes (for parents and caregivers). Thank you to those that participated along with us and shared your journey with us.


The Did You Know facts about PWS that we've been sharing are posts that our members can share with their networks to help them understand PWS and the challenges that individuals with PWS face. While these have been created for PWS Awareness Month, we're hoping that these posts can be utilized year round to help educate others. We often hear from families and caregivers that extended family or friends don't truly understand PWS, so these bite-sized pieces of information may be able to help paint a clearer picture of what living with PWS is like.

We are extremely pleased with how well the campaign has been received and how engaged the community has been.

This post about the anxiety that individuals with PWS experience was shared 122 times and reached over 9,400 people!


While we often highlight the challenges of PWS when trying to spread awareness and provide an understanding of PWS, it is also important to highlight strengths and achievements. Yesterday we shared the following video of on our amazing members, Elah Gershon Rubin, speaking at the OPWSA Fall Conference in October 2019. She is a true inspiration!


Thank you to everyone who joined us in spreading PWS Awarness this month!