PWS Awareness Month


PWS Everyday Challenge


May is PWS Awareness month! Join our virtual PWS challenge to take care of yourself and others around you, to truly embody the #pwseveryday spirit! When we work together as a community, amazing things can happen.


Participate by following along with us with the different activities each day. To participate, you can share a photo, post or even email us with which activity you did for the day and be sure to include the hashtag #PWSEveryday on your photos and posts.

Download a copy of the PWS Everyday Challenge Calendar.




PWS Awareness Month Frame


You can join OPWSA in spreading awareness about PWS by updating your Facebook profile pic with our OPWSA PWS Awareness Month frame. You can access the frame from OPWSA's Facebook page, or by searching for our frame when updating your profile picture.

Throughout the month, you can also share our posts with your network, and post on our Facebook page and help us spread PWS awareness.