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OPWSA's Animal Care Program


The Animal Care Program aims to assist individuals with PWS in finding a meaningful volunteer opportunity at a local animal shelter.


A common characteristic among individuals with PWS is their love of animals, and since many individuals with PWS don’t work full-time, providing enriching opportunities such as this one, help provide purpose and meaning to the lives of individuals with PWS.


Over the past year, OPWSA has reached out to local animal shelters in various regions across Ontario. Currently we have identified shelters in the Mississauga/Oakville area and in Durham region that are accepting volunteers. We are continuing to contact shelters and pet daycares within the Markham/Thornhill/Vaughan area, and Toronto to identify further volunteering opportunities.


We want to hear from you! Contact us if:

  • you live in any of the areas identified above and you think your teenage/adult child with PWS would be interested in volunteering.

  • you live in an area outside of those previously listed, and are interested in participating in the Animal Care program, so we can start reaching out to shelters in your region.

  • your child is in high school and is looking for a potential co-op placement at a local animal shelter, we would also be interested in connecting with you to see if we can help the process at all.


In order to be eligible for the Animal Care Program, you must live in Ontario, be over the age of 16, and be accompanied by a caregiver (parent or personal support worker) while volunteering.

OPWSA would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Michael Rubin and Iris Gershon, who are parents in our community, who have been instrumental in getting this pilot project off the ground.

For more information about the Animal Care Program, please contact: Jennifer Coens, OPWSA Executive Director, 416-481-8657, or by email at

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