Cheers to Charity 2021


Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets for OPWSA's 2021 Cheers to Charity raffle draw! This year was the best year yet with 1499 tickets sold! With your help, we were able to raise approximately $11,000 towards supporting OPWSA's key programs: PWS Week at Shadow Lake Camp, First Trike Program, Family Fun Day, free fridge locks to Ontario members, regional family gatherings, and our conferences.

OPWSA Executive Director, Jennifer Coens and a couple members of OPWSA's Board of Directors met via Zoom on Saturday, December 11th at 4:00pm EST to draw our 2021 Cheers to Charity raffle winners.

Congratulations to all of our winners! And the winners are...

GRAND PRIZE of $1000 worth of gift cards

Michael Fournier from Maple

Second Prize of $500 worth of gift cards

Gail Pulh from London

2 Prizes of $250 worth of gift cards

Josh McEvoy from Ottawa

Christina Stamatatos from Richmond Hill

5 Prizes of $100 worth of gift cards

Maher Obeid from Burlington

Kevin Brennan from Manotick

Andrew Buntain Etobicoke

Suzanne Brand from Toronto

Nicole Alexander from Lombardy

Winners will be notified directly.

An extra special thank you to everyone who helped sell tickets for the Cheers to Charity raffle on behalf of OPWSA. We couldn't have done it without you! Our sellers were Ana Snjaric, Andrew McVey and Jessica McEvoy, Cathy Mallove, Cathy Shiner, Dan Yashinsky, Gina Parigoris, Heather Ann and Doug Lowry, Hedy Joseph, Holly and Michael Sine, Jenn Weeks, Jennifer Coens, Kristina MacDonald, Lee Wigmore, Lisa Hoszko, Lisa Saul, Lynn Sydock, Maria Fernandes, Marla Fine, Marlene and Greg Hull, Paula and Randy Simpson, and Rob Pividor.


Thank you for all your support! See you next year!

Lottery License # M823934

10 Prizes of $50 worth of gift cards

Valerie McDonald from Toronto

Candi Clairmont from Hamilton

Shelley Fine from Toronto

Sanja Baksh from Brampton

Kate Scowen from Toronto

Lorna Kelly from Etobicoke

Bobbi-Jean Doef from Smiths Falls

Vaughn Simpson from Churchill

Donna Zarafonitis from Richmond Hill

Ian MacKenzie from Havelock