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Join Pillars for PWS, our monthly donor program, to support and enhance the lives of individuals with PWS throughout the year.

By giving monthly, you are able to significantly impact the Ontario Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (OPWSA), our programs, and everyone we support. Choose a monthly giving amount that fits within your budget and your generosity will create invaluable sustained funding for OPWSA. Your donation will be directed to the priorities set out by our Board of Directors and with feedback from our members, allowing us to plan and support OPWSA’s growth, and the investment in long-term projects and initiatives.

Why Become a Pillar for PWS?

  1. Your monthly gift means that OPWSA can rely on your regular and consistent support and use those funds as effectively as possible towards programs and services that enhance the quality of life for individuals with PWS.

  2. You can choose a monthly giving amount that fits within your budget and charitable goals, and you can start donating on the day of your choice.

  3. Your donation will go further by lowering our administrative costs.

  4. You will receive regular updates throughout the year on the impact of your support.

  5. You will automatically receive an annual tax receipt for the total amount of your donations made within a calendar year.

Show your support for PWS all year round!

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How Pillars for PWS Works


Choose a monthly donation amount that will be charged to your credit card on your choice of day each month. Whichever date you start your monthly donation on is the date your credit card will continue to be charged on going forward. Your generosity will continue until you notify us to change or stop. Your donation will be administered through Canada Helps.

Canada Helps will automatically send you an annual tax receipt for the total amount of your donations made within a calendar year. This receipt will be sent via email to the email address you have used to set up your Canada Helps profile.

OPWSA provide regular updates throughout the year to our monthly donors on the impact of your support to our community.

For more information about Pillars for PWS and OPWSA, please contact:

Jennifer Coens
Executive Director

Your Donation Matters


Your donation will support the following priorities for 2022/2023:

  • Offer community programs and initiatives, such as:

    • Crisis counselling and support for parents and caregivers of individuals with PWS

    • Training, information and resources on supporting support individuals with PWS in school settings, home settings and workplace settings

    • Spreading awareness about PWS to the public

    • Organizing events for individuals with PWS and their families and caregivers (conferences, family gatherings, camp, etc.)​​

    • Facilitating connections between families and with community resources

    • Providing free fridge locks for Ontario members

  • Provide subsidies for camp for teenagers and adults with PWS at our annual PWS Week at Shadow Lake Center

  • Support the work of the Residential Options Sub-Committee which has been established to work with families, the provincial government, municipalities, service providers, funders, developers, advocates, and others to address a critical need in our community: supportive, sustainable housing for adults with PWS

  • Development of resources, programs and initiatives for our community based on emerging needs

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