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Shadow Lake Camp

Our individuals with PWS are so fortunate to have found this amazing camp!

Our campers are in their happy place from the moment they step out of their vehicles until the week ends and they head back home.

Some of our folks are a little apprehensive to go to a new place and be left on their own for the first time without Mom and Dad or their familiar caregiver. One of my favorite things about volunteering at the camp is watching the well trained staff make every guest feel comfortable, special, and at home from the moment they arrive at camp until they go back home.

From the water front activities, arts and crafts, hikes, camp fire sing-alongs, board games, field games, dance party, banquet, talent night etc., etc. There are so many fun activities to do that everyone is bound to have a great time. If for some reason a camper does not wish to take part in certain activities they can choose what they want to do with their councellors. It is their vacation and they are a big part of planning their week of fun. As a parent of a child with PWS it is very comforting to know that my child can feel he is planning his own vacation and I know it is a safe, secure environment for him.

We have a unique opportunity where all of our campers have PWS. They all follow the exact same PWS RYG diet for the week. There is almost a sense of peace seen in them at meal times because they are very aware that they are all eating the same diet. Several campers have commented that they like that everyone including staff and visitors are all on the same diet. They are happy to thank the chefs at the end of every meal for the amazing job they do.

For me watching our campers evolve over the week at Shadow Lake is a beautiful thing. They become more outgoing by the hour it seems and their smiles grow bigger. I see energy levels rise as they join in on many fun activities and friendships blossom. I know as we are driving away at the end of the week my son is already looking forward to next year's PWS week at Shadow Lake Centre.

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