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Adventure Project:
Recreation and Respite for PWS Families


OPWSA has received funding from the Government of Canada's Emergency Community Support Fund and Toronto Foundation in support of the Adventure Project: Recreation and Respite for PWS Families.

The original purpose of the funding was to provide our PWS Week at Shadow Lake individuals with respite funds since our camp week was canceled this year. We have decided to open up the application process to other families as well.

In order to be eligible to receive the funding, the individual with PWS must live in Ontario, Canada.

The funding should be used to hire respite workers, and/or for respite programs or activities for the individual with PWS to be engaged in, or on any of the items on the expanded list of admissible expenditures. Given the situation with COVID-19, we are aware that families might not feel comfortable with hiring respite workers, so funding could also be used for a family member or friend to do an activity with the individual with PWS. Due to the most recent lockdown in the province, we have recently expanded the list of eligible expenses sensory items, technology, home-based recreation and fitness equipment, as well as personal protective equipment and supplies. For the full expanded list of admissible expenditures, see below.

All funding has currently been allocated. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Coens, OPWSA Executive Director at

Expansion of Admissible Expenditures

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak there are unique challenges that all OPWSA families are facing. We recognize these challenges and have developed some flexibility for our families to utilize funding within the OPWSA Adventure Project. We hope your families are staying safe and healthy during these difficult times.

Please review the expansion of expenses listed below:

  • Sensory Items

    • Items that support individuals with PWS who rely on sensory items to alleviate anxiety/stress and/or support any clinical behavioural plans.

      • Examples (including but not limited to): weighted blankets; bean bag chairs; compression clothing; oral chew toys; sensory brushes; noise cancelling headphones; fidget toys etc.

  • Technology

    • Technology to provide individuals with PWS the opportunity to engage and connect in a safe manner at home.

      • Examples (including but not limited to): laptops and tablets; online educational and activity resources; videogames and consoles; E-readers; remote monitoring devices and medical alert services and devices etc.

  • Home-based Recreation and Fitness

    • Supplies to support individuals to home-based physical activity and hobbies/crafts that would otherwise be accessed through community services.

      • Examples (including but not limited to): Arts and crafts; puzzle and games; books for leisure/learning; skipping rope; yoga mat; resistance bands; basketball net; bike; scooter; frisbee; badminton set; fitness apps etc.

  • Personal Protective Equipment and Supplies

    • Supplies to support families of individuals with PWS to ensure their home is safe with additional support workers from the community.

      • Examples (including but not limited to): gloves; masks; gowns; cleaning supplies; goggles and face shields etc.

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